Our Mission

Hennik Group builds communities of interested parties in specific industry sectors. We provide the information,
evidence and advice that enable our clients to become the most intelligent and sophisticated buyers in the market.
We are proud to be a diverse, passionate, non-corporate, irreverent, fun and intensely loyal group of individuals.
We have deeply held views on business ethics, sustainability and the social role of the business within society.

Hennik Group’s philosophy and culture is to be the perfect company to work for, and with.
We achieve this by employing the best people and encouraging a culture that combines entrepreneurism
and quality in all aspects of work. We are growing and expanding on an international scale,
extending our reach to Australia and USA.

— Nick Hussey, CEO, Hennik Group

New website coming soon, including Hennik Recruitment and Hennik Edge

Hennik Group

Hennik Group is an umbrella company focused on creating and strengthening communities of interested parties
within specific industry sectors. We capture and generate innovative and industry leading ideas on national and
international levels. Our philosophy focuses on employing the highest quality individuals to ensure the end product
we deliver to you combines the best design, content and customer service. It is our goal to provide you
with information, evidence and advice you need to help you succeed.

Hennik Group

Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London SE1 7NQ


020 7401 6033