Our Mission

Hennik Group builds communities of interested parties in specific industry sectors. We provide the information,
evidence and advice that enable our clients to become the most intelligent and sophisticated buyers in the market.
We are proud to be a diverse, passionate, non-corporate, irreverent, fun and intensely loyal group of individuals.
We have deeply held views on business ethics, sustainability and the social role of the business within society.

Hennik Group’s philosophy and culture is to be the perfect company to work for, and with.
We achieve this by employing the best people and encouraging a culture that combines entrepreneurism
and quality in all aspects of work. We are growing and expanding on an international scale,
extending our reach to Australia and USA.

— Nick Hussey, CEO, Hennik Group

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Hennik Group

Hennik Group is an umbrella company focused on creating and strengthening communities of interested parties
within specific industry sectors. We capture and generate innovative and industry leading ideas on national and
international levels. Our philosophy focuses on employing the highest quality individuals to ensure the end product
we deliver to you combines the best design, content and customer service. It is our goal to provide you
with information, evidence and advice you need to help you succeed.

Hennik Research

Media at its best – print, online, social, events

Based in London, Hennik Research is a dynamic publisher and events producer covering the latest news, research and issues
affecting industry. With a strong hold within the manufacturing industry we provide you with the key knowledge,
services and networking opportunities to ensure you can succeed. The focus always remains on quality of the
content, consistency and speed, ensuring you are up-to-date with the latest information and news.

Connecting With You

Next Generation

We can connect you with the next generation of manufacturers, thinkers and academics through our topics focused events, seminars and dinners.


The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving. Our unique positioning within the industry gives us the opportunity to introduce you to new business, opening you to different possibilities.


Our dedicated editorial and research team is geared to provide you with the latest trends, insights and news to help drive your business forward.


Innovation is at the heart of Hennik Research. We stay ahead of the trends, the latest innovative techniques and technologies to give you access to the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the competition.


Partner with us to expand your network within the manufacturing industry and open your company to new opportunities.


We can help you connect and learn from peer manufacturers through intimate dinners, seminars and flagship events.


We print what matters

Lean Management Journal is a leading publication on lean and continuous improvement offering in-depth analysis, comment, case studies and reviews to give insight into the most important issues facing the lean community. Since its launch in 2009, LMJ has laid the foundations of a strong international readership community. Subscribers from Europe, United States, Argentina, and Australia benefit from the knowledge exchanges LMJ facilitates. Breaking down traditional conceptions about lean, LMJ is a cross-sector publication with contributions in every issue from public and private sectors lean leaders in businesses specialising in everything from car hire to financial services, healthcare and telecommunications as well as the traditional manufacturing base. Ten issues of the journal are published every year, providing updates on the latest events, debates and achievements from within the lean community.

The Manufacturer prides itself on being the leading industry print publication dedicated to promoting the best practices, people, policy and businesses in the wider UK manufacturing and engineering sectors. In conjunction with themanufacturer.com, the monthly print edition of The Manufacturer is our most widely read product, with a growing subscription base and ever-increasing interest by highly respected UK and international contributors. While other organisations have ceased their print products, Hennik Group continues to benefit from producing a quality, varied, informative and thought-leading product.

The Manufacturer Top 100 is a list of the UK’s most influential and inspiring individuals in British manufacturing. The project aims to dispel negative myths surrounding manufacturing and create a platform to publicly identify dynamic leaders and innovators in the sector. Shortlisted individuals are nominated by you, our readers, the wider industrial community and the public, for their contributions in changing the face of industry; finding new markets; making marked investment in people, processes and customers; and for those making an impact disproportionate to their years. The Manufacturer Top 100 seeks to highlight the UK’s best manufacturing role models to educate the public and the future generation that a career in manufacturing is exciting, creative and well-paid.

The Annual Manufacturing Report (AMR) measures key factors affecting UK manufacturing across a broad range of subject matter. The report identifies key areas of capital expenditure and changes in major capital investment categories. It calculates the extent of focus on change and improvement in key business processes and techniques, while identifying how initiatives such as customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), lean manufacturing and change management are being embraced and planned for, along with the degree of focus on new product development.

The Opus of manufacturing combines and highlights the best from across the entire sector. It unites UK manufacturers, demonstrating achievement and strength. Be part of The Manufacturer Opus 2015 by emailing us to find out what it takes.


Using it smartly – driving results


Elite knowledge combined with the best networking opportunities

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